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2021 Read-a-Thon Resources

Reading isn't always as easy as just picking up ANY book. Building a good foundation for young readers has so much to do with connection and accessibility to the right reading material. This page includes resources for all our students as well as some more targeted resources for our TK/K-2nd and for our 3rd-6th grade student groups.

What you'll find here...

Reading Resources for ALL Students

Special Presentation from Dr. Darryl Adams

Dr. Darryl Adams has spent 30 years as an educator, servant leader, and literacy advocate with the goal of preparing all students for college, career and citizenship. As a K-12 school superintendent, Dr. Adams led significant educational reform efforts in his former district, in our state and in our nation.

Under Dr. Adams' leadership and advocacy, the nation's first 21st Century Mobile Learning initiative was created, and Dr. Adams was recognized by President Obama as one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in America. President Obama specifically highlighted Dr. Adams' innovative and creative Wifi-on-Wheels program that installed Wifi routers on school buses and then parking those buses in neighborhoods and trailer home parks where there was no internet connectivity. As a result, students gained access to 21st Century Literacy Skills that increased the districts' graduation rate from 70% to 95%.

Dr. Adams spoke to our parent and teacher community on March 15th about how reading is fundamental to developing the mind, 21st Century literacy skills, and reading processes and programs that work.

View the Presentation:
Literacy in the 21st Century - Dr. Darryl Adams


FREE Caribu Access!

Caribu is an app that allows you to read, draw, and play games with friends and family through an interactive video call. 

Caribu has generously provided us with a free month of access for all of our students! Use the code when signing up. Thanks, Caribu!

Yes, even Kaiser students can use this code!

Caribu logo   Apple App Store  Google Play StoreCaribou works on Apple devices (iPhone / iPad), Android devices and computers (Chromebooks or your home computer). Once you set up an account with your email address, you can use that same account on multiple devices. Family & friends only need to set up a free account in order to accept your student's. Please do not share this code with others.*  

Access Links

*IMPORTANT: This code is for use by Woodland and Kaiser families only and should not be shared with others. We have limited uses for this code and sharing outside the school will limit other student's ability to enjoy this program. Your family and friends will only need to set up a free account in order to read in the app with your student(s).


Library Card Drive

Thank you to all who participated in our recent library card drive. Newport Beach Public Library cards will be returned to all families who submitted applications via your student's backpack during the Read-A-Thon. Watch your Knightline weekly emails for updates!

A special note from Miss Christine, Librarian at the Newport Beach Library


Reading Resources for Woodland Elementary

Building a Family Literacy Toolkit - Live Zoom for Parents

March 4th, KWPFO hosted a virtual Read-a-Thon kickoff where Dr. Amy Nagy, Woodland principal and support teachers, Leah Perkins and Holly Hoffman discussed the science and techniques parents can employ to help children develop strong reading skills and answered parent questions ranging from advice on selecting books to how to handle bedtimes with multiple readers at all different levels. This discussion is geared toward TK/K-2nd grades, but has helpful insights for all.

Watch the Presentation

Presentation slides and linked resources

Woodland Library Tour

Welcome Woodland Dragons to the library! Our TK and Kindergarten students haven't had a chance yet to see the inside of the library, and parents may not know how students can check out books. Our fantastic school librarian, Mrs. Babovic, provided a video to learn more about the Woodland library.

Take the tour

A special message from Mrs. Babovic

Reading Resources for Kaiser Elementary

A Video Message From The Kaiser Faculty

If you thought reading aloud to your student was only for their early years, think again. Mrs. Rauch, 6th grade teacher, shares with us a message from the Kaiser faculty behind reading with your upper-elementary grade students. 

Watch the video:

Resources from Jim Trelease, educator and advocate for reading aloud to students

Jim Trelease is the author of best-selling The Read-Aloud Handbook and in past years has presented to many of our faculty who still utilize his teachings and advice in their classrooms today. Below are links to resources from Mr. Trelease's materials (used with his permission). 

Helpful Pamphlets on Reading Aloud - Written by Jim Trelease and recommended by Kaiser Teaching Staff (shared with permission from Jim Trelease).

Excerpt from The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease: Read-Aloud Handbook-Introduction pg 1 (

Purchase The Read-Aloud Handbook, Eighth Edition by Jim Trelease's: AmazonSmile: Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook: Eighth Edition (9780143133797): Trelease, Jim, Giorgis, Cyndi: Books

Kaiser Library Tour

Welcome Kaiser Knights to the library! We know our 3rd graders and new students haven't had a chance to see the inside of the library this year, and parents may not know how students can check out books, so our wonderful librarian, Ms. Sheppard, put together this video to give you a peek inside. 

The last few minutes of the video provide a helpful walk-through on how to check out books with the new Destiny Discover checkout system. 

Video Link:

Author's Day at Kaiser Elementary

On Read Across America Day, Kaiser Knights participated in the annual event - AUTHOR'S DAY! We want to offer a huge thank you to Austin Kennedy, a Kaiser and Woodland parent, and author of the book The Wendals.

Get to know what Author's Day is all about by visiting

Also, support this local author and supportive member of our Kaiser/Woodland community by purchasing the book on Amazon:

Today's Mystery Reader is...

Click here to find out!

Destination Guides

Each guide takes you to a destination through our Passport to Reading. You'll find activities, crafts, recipes, and read-alouds from the countries in the program.

View the Guides

Dates to Remember

March 4th, 7 p.m. - "Building a Family Literacy Toolkit" Zoom
March 15th - Read-a-Thon Begins!
March 18th - Prize Day
March 23th - Prize Day
March 25th - Prize Day
March 26th - Read-a-Thon Ends
March 29th - Prize Day
March 31st - Final Read-a-Thon Results

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