Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Mission

The KWPFO Diversity & Inclusion Council works to ensure an inclusive Kaiser and Woodland community for all we serve that helps prepare our students to thrive in a multi-cultural world.

We are committed to learning and supporting each other in our efforts to celebrate diversity and ensure equity, inclusion, and belonging for every member of our community. We all share a responsibility to respect the rights, differences, and dignity of others, and to sustain an environment that encourages the highest levels of learning for all. This requires us to carefully examine our own practices and strive to create the kind of community we wish to see.

Our council and all meetings are open to all. Email us at listening@kwpfo.org to stay up to date on future events.

Diversity & Inclusion Council Meetings

Check the PFO Calendar to join us for the next Council Meeting.

We want to hear from you!

Join us to share your experiences and ideas. Bring your friends! This is an inclusive group and the more voices and viewpoints we have the better our ability to serve the interest of the Kaiser-Woodland community.

An agenda will be sent ahead of the meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at listening@kwpfo.org

Educational Materials

Below is a list of resources to help teachers and parents talk to kids about inclusion and highlight diverse characters (real and fictional):


Contribute to Our Libraries


Kaiser Library Wish List
Woodland Library Wish List

We need your help to continue and further our mission to celebrate the diversity of our Kaiser-Woodland community. The Wish Lists constructed are to build on available sources and create a safe place for students to open constructive conversations on diversity and create deeper connections with one another. The initiative also brings diverse authors into our schools!

The Kaiser Library Wish List and Woodland Library Wish List provide an opportunity to support our school libraries by donating specific, high-need titles to the collection. The Wish Lists will be updated regularly, so please check back often! *Please note that the Kaiser Wish List also includes titles that were claimed as lost during the 2019-20 school year.

You will need to have or create an Amazon account to participate. However, you can view the wish lists without an account and purchase a book for the library elsewhere. If you do, please immediately contact listening@kwpfo.org to notify us of which book so we can remove it from the Amazon Wish List.

Volunteer Your Voice

We are always looking for people to record a read-aloud video.  The read-aloud videos are posted on our social media as well as our PFO YouTube channel for Kaiser-Woodland students and families to enjoy.

Read-Aloud Instructions

  1. You can use any recording device - phone, ipad or tablet, or computer webcam. If you are using a smartphone or tablet to record, be sure the camera is in the horizontal ("sideways") position.
  2. Start your video by introducing yourself and, if you like, your relationship to Kaiser or Woodland (i.e. "I am a 4th grade teacher at Kaiser" or "I am the aunt of a 2nd grader at Woodland.")
  3. Important: Give credit to the author and illustrator of the book!
  4. Read your book as you would to a child sitting in front of you - allowing the viewer to see the page illustrations as much as possible and without blocking your face.
  5. End recording.
  6. Email a link to the video file to listening@kwpfo.org. If the file is too large to email, a reputable cloud-based system like iCloud, DropBox, Google is a great solution.
  7. You're done!  THANK YOU.

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