Why are you a "PFO" and not a PTA®? 

Our organization's structure as a PFO (Parent Faculty Organization) allows us to commit the full extent of fundraising directly back into the school as compared to a PTA® membership which requires national and state dues and additional overhead. 

Is the PFO the same as We Love STEM?

To the extent we both love our Woodland and Kaiser schools, yes! But actually, we are two different organizations helping to support our schools in areas we believe enrich our students' educations. PFO focuses on supplementing in the areas of arts, technology, after-school enrichment, field trips and assemblies. As the name implies, We Love STEM (formerly Kaiser Woodland Schools Foundation - KWSF) focuses specifically on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). They're an awesome companion organization, and we hope all Kaiser/Woodland families actively support both groups. For more info, check them out at: https://kwschools.org/

Do I have to be a member of the PFO for my child to participate in PFO-sponsored programs?

Nope. PFO-sponsored programs like assemblies, field trips, Art Masters, recess art and more are made available to all attending students regardless of family membership. We make a concerted effort to keep membership prices low and a single $20 membership encompasses the full family regardless of the number of attending students, so we do always hope for 100% school participation to make our programs possible. 

Does being a member obligate me to meetings or volunteer hours?

No. A PFO membership carries no obligation. The funds from your membership are a big part of how we generate the funds to support the programs that run for Kaiser and Woodland students throughout the school year. All parents are welcomed to attend PFO meetings, monitor meeting minutes and, of course, to get involved as little or as much as makes sense for you. Volunteer opportunities are updated throughout the year and open PFO board positions are posted here. 

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