Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!

**The 2023-2024 membership drive is officially closed. Thank you for all of your support!**

The Kaiser Woodland Parent Faculty Organization (KWPFO or just PFO) is kicking off the year with our annual Membership Drive! The PFO Membership Drive is one of the primary fundraisers for Woodland and Kaiser Elementary Schools.

Your generous membership donations go directly back to our schools and and fund many wonderful and fun opportunities for our students throughout the year.

The PFO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer-run organization. (Charity Tax ID: 95-3764593)

Join us! 

KWPFO is Ready and Excited to Support All Our Kaiser and Woodland Students This Year!

We can't wait to continue the many traditions our Knights and Dragons know and love. We need your help to fund these wonderful opportunities for our students! The KWPFO funds many things throughout the year including, but not limited to, assemblies, field trips, Art Masters, library and music, school site improvements, teacher and staff appreciation, recess art, Movie Night, Trunk or Treat, Healthy Choices Week, outdoor equipment, Walk through History, our yearly carnival, other enrichment activities, and much more! This year we are also committed to funding a teacher specialist at both schools. Please help us reach our goal!

Our goal each year is 100% membership. That means 100% of our Kaiser and Woodland families have chosen to say "I support what the PFO provides" by getting their 2023-24 PFO membership.

Memberships start at $20 and include the whole family. If you are able, you may also sponsor an additional student or faculty member. This will help your classroom make it to 100% participation!

How do you become a member?

      • Don't forget to add your child(ren) to your profile and update your child(ren)'s teacher(s) while you are there!
      • Thank you! Every dollar helps!
      • Use the same email as last year but please note that we have updated the system so you will need to reset your password, if you haven't already. Enter your email and then click on "Forgot Password". Follow the instructions in the email you will receive.
      • Once logged in, don't forget to update your profile with your child(ren)'s teacher(s) for the year and add any new students, if applicable.
      • Thank you! Every dollar helps!

PFO Membership Levels 2023-24

$20 - Squire Level Membership

    • Inclusion in the PFO directory

$70 - Castle Level Membership

    • Inclusion in the PFO directory
    • 1 spirit wear t-shirt*

$195 - Court Level Membership

    • Inclusion in the PFO directory
    • 1 spirit wear t-shirt*
    • 1 hardcover yearbook
    • 1 yearbook loveline**
    • Court party***

$355 - Shield Level Membership

    • Inclusion in the PFO directory
    • 1 spirit wear t-shirt*
    • 2 hardcover yearbooks
    • 2 yearbook lovelines**
    • Court party***

$555 - Crown Level Membership

    • Inclusion in the PFO directory
    • 1 spirit wear t-shirt*
    • 1 spirit wear sweatshirt*
    • 2 hardcover yearbooks
    • 2 yearbook lovelines**
    • Court party***

*Spirit wear distribution will begin the second week of school. Spirit wear will be distributed once per week. If you don't place your order prior to that week's distribution date then you will receive it the following week.

**Parents will need to submit their LoveLine artwork directly through TreeRing. Please review the yearbook page for deadlines.

***The Court Party is an adult evening with Kaiser and Woodland Parents and Faculty, by invitation only to donors at the Court-level membership or higher. The event will be held only if we receive a host volunteer. Membership refunds are not given in the event the party cannot be held. All funds will continue to be applied toward school programs.

Need help or have membership questions?

Email [email protected].

Tell Me More About the Directory

When you sign up for your Membership, your information will be listed in our secure online directory. Each Member may choose which information they would like to display.  Only our Woodland and Kaiser community has access to this valuable tool. On the directory, you can find parents, or students to connect and/or plan playdates. Our platform allows this to be done automatically when you register for our site.

Once you are registered on the directory, you can update your child's grade and teacher. When everyone does this, the directory is a fantastic resource for reaching out to other Kaiser Woodland families.

Additional Donations & Family Sponsorships

Individuals, such as family and community members, may also donate which will help fund PFO membership and opportunities for families who can't afford a PFO membership this year. All donations will be applied toward the PFO budget for both campuses and used to fund essential programs deployed by Kaiser and Woodland.

Visit our Membership store and select "Donation".

(Charity Tax ID: 95-3764593)

Thank you for your support!


100% Participation = Frozen Treat Party!

Join KWPFO today to help your child's class reach 100% participation and celebrate with a frozen treat party! You can also sponsor additional students.

Membership Goal

Help us reach our goal of 100% participation! Join today!


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Membership updates are coming in hot daily! See how your child's classroom measures up by following us on Instagram. Not only will you get membership updates now, but other great information and more fun photos throughout the year!

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Interested in working with local businesses to support the KWPFO?

Please head over to our Dine + Dance fundraising page to sign up as a business sponsor. Thank you for your contribution to our schools!

Double your Membership Donation!

Your donation might be eligible for an employer match!

Please email your HR department to find out if your company will double your donation at no additional cost to you.

Charity Tax ID: 95-3764593

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