Google Passwords

Google Password

This quick reference was provided by NMUSD IT Support. En Español

Student Account Using Google Chrome

This is the main student account that logs students into most online programs. There are two ways the account "name" will appear: Either as "Username" or "Email address." It will always be the student ID #.

  • Username: 123456
  • Email Address:

The "Password" is a randomly generated mix of words and numbers with no spaces in between.  Example:  "apple1tow5."  each student was given their password.  It can be retrieved by an office staff member from Aeries.


Need Internet Access?

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IT Support

Chromebook giving you grief? Forget your NMUSD user ID and passcode to get logged in? That's IT Support! The school district's IT team is ready to help you.

For all parent and student IT support needs, please call the NMUSD Support and Care Line at 714-424-5050, option 1 on that line will connect to a technology Help Desk between 7:30AM and 3:30PM. You may also email for assistance.