6th Grade Baby Photos

Please submit your 6th grader's baby photo to be included in the yearbook. 

For best results:

  • Make sure the photo is clear and high-resolution for printing.
  • Headshots or "shoulders and up" work best for the size we are working with.
  • Don't have a "baby" picture on hand? That's ok - any picture of your student when they were younger will do.
  • Don't have a digital photo? That's ok too. You can take a picture of the picture with your smartphone (try to angle the photo to avoid shadows) or coordinate with your student's teacher to get the image scanned and returned to you.
  • If you cannot get Tree Ring to work, feel free to email the photo to and include the child's first and last name as well as their teacher's name.
  • Please only submit one photo.

Moments Worth Remembering

The years go by so fast and the early school years are full of fun, friends and memories to hold onto. The PFO yearbook team works hard each year to create an affordable and memorable keepsake for both Kaiser and Woodland students.

Quick Links & Info

  • Yearbook purchase deadline is May 6th  which is our print deadline. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS! If you purchase after this date your yearbook will be sent to your home.


  • Yearbooks purchased by the May deadline will receive their yearbook during the last week.

How to Order

To order your yearbook(s) go to

1. Enter the school passcode

Kaiser: 1015287447433755
Woodland: 1015264158651912

2. Log In to TreeRing

If you purchased a yearbook last year through TreeRing, log in to your existing account. Forgot your password? Use the "forgot your password" tool.

3. Purchase yearbook

Soft Cover: $25
Hard Cover $30.68

Are you a Crown, Shield or Court PFO member? If so you prepaid for 1 yearbook and LoveLine (Court level) or 2 yearbooks and 2 LoveLines (Shield and Crown levels).

4. Keep an eye on those yearbook extras!

    • Custom Pages - all yearbooks include two custom pages. Learn more... Due May 6th
    • "LoveLine" Recognition Ads - want to feature a special message to your student or teacher? These ⅛-page and ¼-page recognition messages appear in all yearbooks and are a great way to give kudos on all the hard work this year.  Learn more... Due April 15th
    • 6th Grade Baby Photos - We are so excited to feature our (soon-to-be) graduates. Visit your Tree Ring account to upload your 6th-grader's baby photo.
    • Share Your Photos - The yearbook team is always looking for photo submissions. Please email them to with your student(s) grade mentioned or upload them to your TreeRing account and select the "share" option.
    • Digital Yearbook Signatures - TreeRing lets you "sign" friend's yearbooks virtually and also request signatures from friends. Stay tuned for more info.
    • Cover Design Contest - We want YOU to design the yearbook cover!

Cover Design Contest

We want YOU to design the yearbook cover!

    • Create a masterpiece on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of blank white paper in the VERTICAL position.
    • In your design, clearly write your school's yearbook THEME.
      • Woodland Theme: Pictures of Success
      • Kaiser Theme: Surfin’ Through the Year

Now let's dive into the details...

  1. Include your SCHOOL NAME and the year 2023-2024.
  2. Put your full name and teacher on the back of your artwork in pencil.
  3. Keep your artwork flat. Do not fold your artwork.
  4. Turn in to your teacher or front desk by April 15th.

RULES: Artwork must be your own. No parent and no downloading images to use. One entry per student. HAVE FUN!

Custom Pages

TreeRing yearbooks include 2 custom pages which appear ONLY in that student's yearbook. Pages are designed right in your TreeRing account and must be submitted by May 6th (Print Deadline). Need more than two pages? Additional pages can be added for $0.99 each.

When you upload your photos, consider sharing them with our yearbook editors directly in the TreeRing account.

Need Help? TreeRing does a great job at making it simple to create a unique yearbook for your child. However, if you get stuck, their Help Center is a great resource and guide.

"LoveLine" Recognition Ads

Kaiser & Woodland yearbooks have featured "LoveLine" recognition ads for years, but we are happy to announce the return of LoveLines available to be purchased, designed, and submitted online! Parents can purchase ads for their students or to recognize their teachers.

Families who pre-paid for LoveLines through the membership drive will receive ⅛-page ads and will be contacted directly to have the ads placed in their TreeRing account.

How to Create & Purchase LoveLines

Once logged in, your homepage has a new option: Celebrate Your Student. You'll also see the due date for buying the ad. Let's get started...

  1. Log in and select Buy a Yearbook Ad from your homepage
  2. Choose your ad size. Available sizes include ⅛-page for $10 and ¼-page for $30.
  3. Edit your ad
    1. The text in the template can be edited and photos can be dropped into the photo placeholders. Add photos, text, and graphics from the tabs on the right. All content can be adjusted in size or deleted.
    2. Drag and drop the items inside the ad. Anything placed outside of the template will not be included in the ad.
    3. When you are finished editing, click the Buy Now button to purchase the ad. Only purchased ads can be added to the yearbook by an editor. Confirm the ad is complete by clicking on I Confirm My Ad is Complete.
    4. Confirm that the ad details and the price are correct in your cart and select Checkout.
    5. Enter payment info and select Place Order.
    6. Now on your homepage in Celebrate Your Student option, you will see the ad you created. If you want to edit the ad, select Edit Yearbook Ad. The ad can still be edited after purchasing only if it has not already been added to the yearbook by an editor. Ads will be added to the yearbook after Due April 15th.

For more help on creating and buying your LoveLine, visit TreeRing's Help Center.

*Please note that only one ad can be purchased for a student.

Pre-paid Yearbooks Included with your PFO Membership

Court, Shield and Crown-level PFO members received pre-paid yearbook(s) and LoveLine(s) with their membership purchase. All members at these stages will be contacted directly by the PFO and then by TreeRing to activate these items in their accounts. Questions? Contact