Read-a-Thon: Mystery Reader

2021 Read-a-Thon Mystery Reader

Your students probably are read to by the same people each day (especially this past year). Well, how about changing it up and being read to via video by someone entirely new? Maybe someone who won a gold medal in the Olympics or a major league professional athlete? Maybe someone who travels the world for their job? Maybe someone in the arts? Maybe a community helper your student might aspire to be someday? 

Every day we will be releasing a NEW MYSTERY READER for your student to listen to. Our day-by-day clues are below and the links will activate on the Mystery Reader's day, so check back here or subscribe to the KWPFO YouTube channel to watch the newest videos.

Day 1

  • This reader is a men's basketball coach for a university in Costa Mesa.
  • This reader runs a basketball summer camp that a lot of Woodland Kaiser kids attend.
  • This reader led his team to a 2014 NAIA Championship.
  • This reader is also an uncle to two current Woodland Dragons. 

It's Rhett Soliday, Vanguard University's Men Basketball Coach!
Watch the video

Day 2

  • This reader's job is to protect and serve to ensure our community is safe.
  • This reader wears a badge as part of their uniform.
  • This reader's favorite hobby is playing the drums.

It's Savannah Cornelison - Huntington Beach Police Officer!  Watch the video

Day 2 BONUS!

  • This reader sometimes wears a special belt that is BLACK.
  • This reader has practiced his craft for many, many years and is always training to perfect his skills.
  • This reader teaches the importance of physical fitness, healthy eating, positive thinking and courtesy toward others.

It's Mr. Eric Chang - Chief Taekwondo Instructor at Orange County Taekwondo Martial Arts and Senior Fifth Degree Black Belt!  Watch the video

Day 3

  • This reader has the best ocean view for an office.
  • This reader's job is to travel the world via the sea.
  • This reader is trained in navigating by map, with sonar and even by charting the stars.

It's Captain Jason Stewart - Boat Captain! Watch the video

Day 4

  • This reader was in the Junior Olympics for swimming.
  • This reader LOVES riddles.
  • If you're a 4th grader, this reader might have delivered you lunch.

It's Miss Cindy - Student Supervisor Assistant at Kaiser Elementary! Watch the video

Day 5

  • This reader has 3 kids that attend Kaiser and Woodland Elementary Schools.
  • This reader played men's indoor volleyball professionally.
  • This reader competed in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and won a gold medal!

It's Kevin Hansen - Olympic Gold Medalist & Kaiser + Woodland Father! Watch the video

Weekend Bonus Reader!

  • This reader helps turn the stories we read into stories we watch.
  • This reader's job is to create things on the screen that are difficult to make or find in real life.
  • This reader spends A LOT of time at her desk with some of your favorite superheroes!

It's Phelicia - Visual Effects Artist for Marvel! Watch the video

Weekend Bonus Reader!

  • This reader's work helps people recognize brands. For example, you might know about LEGO or Disneyland or even UCLA Football. People do work to make sure you remember those "brand names".
  • This reader gets to tell stories that promote brands which have a lot to do with education and healthcare.
  • This reader's job requires her to spend a lot of time making friends and building relationships between leaders in the community and within the companies she represents.

It's Sherry - Associate Vice Chancellor, UCI! Watch the video

Weekend Bonus Reader!

  • This reader is a refugee and boat person who escaped Vietnam in the late 80s, along with his family and 27 other adults and children and experienced three pirate attacks.
  • This reader was finally rescued by local fishermen off Kuku Island in Indonesia.
  • This reader is now a licensed clinical social worker, activist, and community organizer in Orange County and started an organization that combats mental health stigma in the Vietnamese community.

It's Paul from MovingForward! Watch the video

Weekend Bonus Reader!

  • This reader wants you to know that March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day.
  • This reader is a parent and also an advocate of children like her 8-year-old son who has Down Syndrome.
  • This reader has a YouTube channel sharing all the ways her son and people of all abilities can adventure across the world.

It's Knightly and his mom, Miss Drexelle - Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day! Watch the video

Day 6

  • This reader played baseball at Brown University.
  • If you know him, you'd know his favorite baseball player is Roberto Clemente.
  • This reader hosts local baseball camps and hosted a daily live PE class during COVID lockdown.

It's Coach Ballgame - Little League coach and YouTube personality! Watch the video

Day 7

  • This reader has made a career from a love of dancing.
  • This reader has performed on stages all across the world.
  • This reader helps to teach young students to find new ways to express themselves through movement.

It's Amanda Kay White - professional dancer with Backhaus Dance modern dance company, dance instructor at Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) and local choreographer!

Stay tuned to the end for a special appearance! Watch the video

Day 8

  • This reader grew up in nearby Mission Viejo.
  • This reader was a first-round pick in the 2009 MLB draft.
  • This reader played against the Dodgers in the 2020 NLCS.

It's Tyler Matzek - Atlanta Braves Pitcher! Watch the video

Day 9

  • This reader is an aunt to two Kaiser & Woodland kids.
  • This reader had to go to a lot of schooling for her job.
  • This reader is someone you go visit when you're feeling sick.

It's Dr. Brooke Sanders! Watch the video

Day 10

  • This reader protects citizens during emergencies.
  • This reader responds to calls to extinguish fires and execute rescues.
  • This reader is the first-ever female firefighter in Newport Beach.

It's Erin Brown - Newport Beach Firefighter & Former WNBA Player! Watch the video

Dates to Remember

March 4th, 7 p.m. - "Building a Family Literacy Toolkit" Zoom
March 15th - Read-a-Thon Begins!
March 18th - Prize Day
March 23th - Prize Day
March 25th - Prize Day
March 26th - Read-a-Thon Ends
March 29th - Prize Day
March 31st - Final Read-a-Thon Results

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