Membership and Registration

Membership & Parent Portal Registration

Almost there! We are using a new Parent Portal and transferred the data from the old system to PTOffice. The good news is that your info may already be in the new system if you were signed up previously! But, as good and decent internet citizens, we do not know your old password so you still need to register your email and password for Membership. We'll walk you through the process.

Step 1: Register for the Parent Portal

You must register with the new parent portal. If the system recognizes your Username/Email, click the Login link to continue. You may need to reset your password at this time.

After you've registered, a new screen/tab will open for you to enter your shiny new login and you'll be taken to the Membership Store.

Don't forget to update your child's teacher while you are there!

If your browser blocks pop-ups, you may not see this screen. Just come back to this page and click the button in Step 2 to continue to the Membership Store.

Step 2: Purchase Your Membership

Click Join Today! and use that fancy new login when you visit the Membership store. If you see cactus on the Login screen, you're in the right place! 🤣🌵


💙❤️💙 Thanks for your patience! 💙❤️💙 

Need a Little More Help?

If you need help, this handy PDF is ready for you: PTOffice Login & Registeration Help

Still having trouble?
Email us directly to [email protected] and we'll figure this thing out together!

What's This About a Parent Portal?

Our new Parent Portal allows you to do so much! You'll definitely want to poke around once class lists have been updated to really fill in the online directory and our Spirit Store is up and running (among other things).