Kaiser Woodland Business Connection

Our schools represent around 1100 students and 800 families. Our school community loves to support local businesses. Please consider a Sponsorship, a Fundraising Event (such as a School restaurant night, coffee day, or ice cream break), or any other donation you can offer. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support of our students!

Contact Stephanie Robson, VP of Membership, at [email protected], for more information.

Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Our local Costa Mesa and Newport Beach businesses have long been part of the mighty engine that keeps our PFO funded and able to support our various school programs. As a THANK YOU, we will try to offer business sponsorship opportunities. Please stay tuned to see what we have in mind for the 2021-2022 school year.

Charity Tax ID: 95-3764593

KWPFO Sponsor Signs

We ♥ Our Sponsorship Family

A big thanks to our local businesses that continue to donate, sponsor, and lift up our entire community through their support.

Visit our Community Business Connection to see the business superstars in our neighborhood.

Watch for Membership Updates!

Come and join the party at Facebook and Instagram for updates on our fundraising goals and lots of great information throughout the year.

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The families of our community and the staff of our schools greatly appreciate your support. If you'd like to support our organization in another amount, please click donate and follow the prompts.

Charity Tax ID: 95-3764593